As a young boy, I spent much of my time imagining gruesome beasts and bleak, foreboding landscapes. Unfortunately, I faced the problem of not having the technical skill to execute those images on paper or canvas.


In 2010, I set myself to the ardent task of achieving this kind of imagery confidently. With fifteen years of freelance work and training under my belt, I felt I could begin to bring these horrible visions to life. To do so, I would have to step away from the industry that I had called home for so long, but with that move I was able to shrug off many of its constraints.


Slowly I began to build up a body of work, at first consisting mainly of twisted figures that I simply called demons, although to me they were much more than that. I then began to incorporate jagged structures and impossible atmospheres which these demons would call home, thus fleshing out the world that had been in the recesses of my mind all of this time.


Since then I have shown this work at Gallery Provocateur and Rotofugi in Chicago and the Copro Gallery in Los Angeles.







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