Over a forty year career, Don Maitz has produced imaginative paintings that have amazed a worldwide audience.  The iconic pirate character he created for Captain Morgan Spiced Rum is his most widely recognized work.


Maitz paintings entice viewers to allow their imaginations to flow through manipulation of basic visual principals designed to suspend belief and entertain.   Most works are painted with oil colors, using techniques that have evolved for centuries. Sometimes, experimentation and innovation give rise to unique applications of traditional media.


Past clients include: the National Geographic Society, Bantam, Doubleday, Dell, Random House,HarperCollins, Tor, Watson Guptill, Warner Books, Sony Online Entertainment, Penguin USA, DC Comics, Joseph Seagrams and Sons, TV Guide, Paramount Pictures, and Warner Brothers. Maitz has twice won science fiction's Hugo award for best artist, and a special Hugo for best artwork. He has received a Howard award, ten Chesley awards from his peers in the Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists, an Inkpot award, a Silver Medal and from New York City's  Society of Illustrators.  Paintings have been exhibited in over twenty museum venues across the United States,  with over 120 works on public display in 2012.  His exhibits include appearances in Europe.


Maitz artwork has enhanced products world wide. Two published books of his collected art work have sold out: First Maitz,  and Dreamquests the Art of Don Maitz. His images have appeared in Spectrum annual publications, in Fantasy Art Masters, Infinite Worlds, the Chesley Awards Book, and many other such specialized collective publications. Maitz worked as a conceptual artist on two feature films: Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius, and  Ant Bully.


Maitz has been commissioned to illustrate the writing of; Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, C.J. Cherryh, Raymond Feist,  Alan Dean Foster, Stephen King, Michael Moorcock, and many others including  occasionally, his wife,  artist and author, Janny Wurts.


Don Maitz is a Signature member of the American Society of Marine Artists.






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