LISA FRENCH'S studio practice involves anthropomorphized wildlife in allegorical tableaux. Following the tradition of illustration for Aesop’s and the animal fables of La Fontaine, these paintings are part of a series exploring hedgerow flora and fauna as metaphor for the human community, with references to Joel Chandler Harris’ Tales of Uncle Remus and the darker motivations that drive human interactions. Her art relies on invented realism and illusionistic rendering, with emphasis on comparative anatomy, theatrical lighting and illusionistic rendering and she uses traditional media, primarily oil and gouache. Her painting practice also involves observational figure and landscape, and she experiments with scenic design and conceptual toy theater. As an illustrator, Lisa works primarily with figurative, zoological, and botanical subject matter for advertising, packaging, institutions and publishing. She specializes in anatomical illustration. Her illustration and painting have been included in numerous juried professional exhibitions and annuals, and her awards include Gold and Silver medals. Lisa relocated from Southern California to the West Coast of Florida and now lives on the Boston South Shore.






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