“What I've been up to, for decades now, is exploring how it is we are redefining ourselves through rapid evolution of technologies amidst a rising crescendo of continuous, pressured social changes. Figure work is the place to contemplate this, to push the ‘frontier.’ In the air, immanent, there’s a ‘speciation event,’ already underway in science, health, fashion and body modification — New Beings evoking changing anatomies, atemporal states, motion and emotion. I swing at it with a will.”


Self-taught, widely read in science and mythology, Berry paints without external references. He uses the action of art for thinking — exploiting pattern recognition with experienced nimbleness, masterful brushstrokes, and an outstanding command of anatomy. Exhibited worldwide, his art is also in the collections of Neil Gaiman, George R.R. Martin, Stephen King as well as the Museum of American Illustration, and the Center for Contemporary Art (Italy).


Berry’s work appears on countless novels, comics, games, film and theater. He exhibited digitally-rendered scrolls for Tuft’s international symposia on China, was Keanu Reeves’ cyber-stunt double in his studio’s award-winning climax for Johnny Mnemonic (TriStar/Alliance), and made the first digital cover for a novel (Neuromancer; William Gibson - 1984). Paintings for Cabaret, starring Amanda Palmer, won Berry the Silver Award from NY’s Society of Illustrators, one of many distinctions. He is guest lecturer on cognition and creativity nationwide.






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